My Snowpocalypse

A confession.  I like winter.

2014-01-05 08.31.58 2014-01-05 08.40.19

I like bare tree branches, stark, dark and complex against the grey, or with the silver light from moon and street light shining through them.  I like the angled, tangled complexity of their reach and strength that gets hidden by summer’s gaudier dress.

I 2014-01-05 08.31.58

I like how snow picks out the details, showing the normal to be entirely new.


2014-01-05 08.33.33  2014-01-05 09.01.01-1

I like the sound of sparrows, hidden in an evergreen shrub, shouting to each other “Stay in!  Stay close!  Something’s coming!  It’s here!  It’s here!”

2014-01-05 08.27.10-1

These are things absent from summer.  I like winter.