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What Am I Reading?

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twisted wivesMy TBR pile is a 6 ft. tall Ikea bookcase.  Seriously.  And there’s spill over.  It’s got old stuff, new stuff, ancient stuff, stuff from just about every genre, including mainstream/literary, and a load of non-fiction.  Every now and again I make a stab at whittling it down a bit.  Now if there would just stop being so many good books out there…

Well, okay, maybe that wouldn’t be the best way to handle it.

Anyway, as I’m starting the blog up again, I figured to start with talking about what I’m reading lately.  This should be an ongoing bit, hopefully more than occasionally.

The most recent book I’ve finished is TROUBLED DAUGHTERS, TWISTED WIVES.  It’s a collection of short stories by women in a genre that used to get called “domestic suspense.”  It was everyday (mostly) women caught in situations of criminal intent, deceit and murder.  The date on the stories ranges from the 1930s up through the ’70s, and with one exception, I’d never heard of any of the authors.

And it is brilliant.

Not every story is a lost gem.  Some, like “A Nice Place to Stay,” you can see where it’s going, but the ride remains a good one.  Some, you have to like old fashioned prose (which I do).  Others…well, I walked around the corner to meet with my local mystery pusher, erm, seller (Aunt Agatha’s Books) and grabbed up what he had by Elizabeth Sanxay Holding, who is one of the authors I’d never heard of, but am now in love with (again, the writing is old, but the suspense, and the humanity of the characters is amazing).

If you’re a mystery reader, this one is well worth checking out.