A Taste of the Nightlife

Vampire Chef Charlotte Caine isn’t actually she’s a member of New York’s burgeoning undead community—she just cooks for them. It’s her brother Chet whose the pulse-deficient member of the family and together they run Nightlife, a Greenwich Village eatery specializing in “haute noir” cuisine for humans and their paranormal companions. While it isn’t a bona fide smash yet, the city’s most influential undead food critic is coming in for a bite, and a glowing review could mean that Nightlife will hit it big with the after-dark crowd.

But when a drunk wizard almost burns the building down, a five star review doesn’t seem in the offing, especially once that same wizard turns up dead in the doorway with bite marks in his neck and all at once Charlotte finds she, and her restaurant have been shoved into the epicenter of a paranormal turf war.

Charlotte needs to figure out who killed her customer, before all the bad press puts Nightlife out of business, and the bad guys maybe put her out of the land of the living.

A Note from the Author:

I have the best readers on the planet, and a lot of you have emailed to ask whether there is going to be a 3rd Vampire Chef book.  The answer is I sincerely hope so, and my publisher sincerely hopes so.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is I won’t have a clear answer until after the first of the year.  There is more good news, however.  There are a lot of available options open for how that 3rd book is going to get done, and right now it’s a matter of choosing the one that’s going to work best on the publishing end as well as on the reader end.  So, thank you for all your support and your patience.  I hope to have more, and better news about Charlotte, Nightlife, Cafe N, and not to mention the Central Park Zombie and the eventual return of Chet’s wayward sire-ess…





""A witty cheeky mile-a-minute mystery! Sarah Zettel’s characters are laugh-out-loud funny and her story is a smash hit.""

Joyfully Reviewed

""What a fantastic start to a new series!... I definitely recommend this one to cozy fans who enjoy urban fantasy too." "

Not Enough Books