Sword of the Deceiver

For five hundred years, the great southern empire of Hastinapura has flourished, ruling the world of Isavalta with an iron fist. But nothing lasts forever . . .
The day of her womanhood ceremony finds Princess Natharie of Sindhu happily celebrating with her family, joyfully awaiting her marriage to a prince of another realm. However, when the empire demands that her family send someone to court, Natharie realizes that she is the only one who can satisfy the empror’s wishes.

As Natharie spends time in the Hastinapura court, she learns of the empire’s bloodthirsty worship of the Mothers and of the intention of their high priest, Divakesh, to spread their worship beyond the empire—including into neighboring Sindhu—at any cost.

These plots threaten to pit Natharie’s homeland against Hastinapura in a disastrous war. Appalled by the power and brazenness of the emperor’s brother, Pirnce Samudra, she realizes as each day brings war ever nearer, that the powerful prince may be her only hope to prevent a war that could destroy them all.




"The fast-paced, complex story works well as a stand-alone and is sure to appeal to fans of both epic fantasy and romance."

Publisher's Weekly

"Zettel returns to the magical world of Isvalta with a satisfying conclusion that works equally well as a stand-alone. She sets the scene beautifully and serves up an elaborate visual feast with a blend of Indian, Chinese and Russian folklore. Strongly motivated and compelling characters drive this tale of love, loyalty and sacrifice that will stir readers' emotions."

RT Book Reviews